- Reducing crime and creating safer neighborhoods.

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- Establish more access to community health resources and programs.  This includes mental health.

- Increasing representation in and to our local government of the various cultural groups within our community.

- Increase and support programs that assist and reduce our homeless population.

- Balanced budgeting, reduce debt, and avoid issuance of new bonds.

- Work towards making housing affordable.

- Prefer to decrease property taxes, but push for use of the effective tax rate.

- Establish term limits.

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- Create more recreational areas and programs as well as improve current parks.

- Increase visitors/tourism.

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- Ensure public safety departments have the appropriate level of staff, equipment and training to protect the public.

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- Encourage small and large businesses to locate in Lewisville, with a concentration of locally owned/operated.

I am not going to be your ordinary candidate and make promises that I cannot keep.  The only thing that I can promise is this, that I will listen to you and be a voice for you to the council.  I will be YOUR representative.

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